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I often say that my spiritual journey began with a dream but the truth is it began with a prayer.  Or more correctly, a Bible verse said as a prayer.

The dream came after.

Making sense of that dream and the spiritual experiences that followed has taken time.  I got it wrong a lot so it feels especially good to have finally got it right.

One of the best parts of getting it right is realizing that the truths I was looking for were hidden in plain site all along - in the last place I would have expected - the spiritual framework of Christianity.

There a lot of reasons why I left the church but inequality in regard to gender definitely made the list.  Something was missed there.  But for a long time after there was something missed for me in the various other paths I explored as well.

I didn't know until the last piece dropped in that the sacred feminine had been waiting right there in the pages of the Bible.

I didn't know that Mary Magdalene was written out.  I didn't know that women all over the world have been working to write her back in.

But now that I do, I'd like to think that in some small way, I could be one of them.

There is a lot of good in Christianity.  The words of Jesus (when they are not being manufactured to fit an agenda) are good.  The outer framework of Christianity (with the same caveat) is good.  But it's the mystery that speaks to me.

So Gnostic or, perhaps more correctly. Alternative Christianity it is.  Because gatekeepers don't work for me.  And because while I can't go back, I can go forward.

So this week, in the name of forward motion, I made a new purely informational website about Mary Magdalene.  I called it Meeting Mary Magdalene and that is what I will call the book too.  

You can see the site at  I'll be adding more content as my own knowledge base expands.
Once our eyes are opened to the common symbols used to portray Mary Magdalene, we tend to her everywhere, and rightly so.  She is at the very center.   ~  Joan Norton

*To learn more about Magdalene Circles and Joan Norton please see 14 Steps to Awaken the Sacred Feminine: Women in the Circle of Mary Magdalene

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