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Tonight was a very special night - class two of Denise Linn's Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader Certification Course.  And I'm happy to say that I was there, via my computer!  

I'm participating in this lovely course until December 2nd.  And while tonight does  complete the second class, all previous sessions are made available for immediate MP3 download throughout the course - so it is not too late to join us!

I loved both classes one and two.  And I found that while each covers several different but related topics,  they also share a common theme - and that is one of clearing.

In class one (Creating Sacred Space) Denise gives some great information about clearing your deck, yourself, your client and your reading space. As Denise has written extensively on Feng Shui, and creating sacred space (as well as other spiritual topics), she is a fantastic resource for this material.

Space clearing is  a timely topic for me personally and I'll be applying all the information given in setting up my own reading area and office.  I'm also planning on ordering Denise's book, "Sacred Space: Clearing and Enhancing the Energy of Your Home" to help me with my pre-holiday cleaning and organizing!

Class two (Clearing the Channel) talks about clearing deep blockages with an emphasis on past life regression.  Denise is knowledgeable about, and has written on, this topic as well and I found the guided past life meditations experienced in class two to be especially effective.

In addition to the weekly class, an in depth pdf workbook provides detailed information corresponding to each session.  For classes one and two the work book supplies specific clearing techniques and rituals, a past life questionnaire, past life regression script, altar creation ideas, the history of the oracle, and more.  I found the workbook is well thought out, comprehensive and attractive.

Card I'm attuning to today!
I am also quite pleased with the flow of the course thus far.  Denise starts out by telling us that she believes in the power of beginnings. And her emphasis on the crucial preliminary steps of oracle card reading - creating sacred space, defining terms and context, attuning to the cards, and clearing our own psychic channel - certainly proves this out.

The oracle cards utilized in the course are Denise's own Soul Coaching Oracle Cards® which I have just recently purchased.  Each includes a softly colored image, positive key word and an affirmation.

There is a nice energy to this deck and I will have more to say about it as I get to know it better.  Our ongoing homework is to work with each card individually and record our impressions in our course journal (provided via pdf).

I am having fun with this assignment and enjoy learning about how others are doing through the closed FaceBook group reserved for students of the course.

Also, of particular importance to me - the Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reading Certification Course  is filled with beautiful and effective guided meditations.  There is something magical about the way Denise transports us to ancient Greece to recall our possible previous incarnations in the role of ancient oracles.   And I'm pleased that I'll be able to revisit this, and other, beautiful  meditations in MP3 format anytime I choose!

Please note that classes 1 through 6 are pre-recorded (with live intro and Q & A sessions with Denise Linn offered at the beginning and end of the course).  I intend to make it a point to listen to the broadcast however whenever possible.  For me, there is an energy to working simultaneously with others that's uplifting.  That said, the downloadable MP3s are quite convenient!

For more about the course, please check out my previous blog post:  Denise Linn's Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader Certification Course & Me!

For more about my progress with this wonderful course and the pictorial transformation of my work space, please check back <3

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