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This week in my Clairvoyance One training class (through International School of Clairvoyance) we did less practice and had a little more time for meditation and lecture which was great for me because I really enjoy that part!

We are now meeting once a week (in addition to class) for practice sessions.  So there is really a lot of information being given and a lot of opportunities to work with it.  We are also given homework assignments each week in addition to our regularly daily meditation. I'm pleased with the level of intensity of the course because I know that's what I need.

I did two readings on my own prior to class and they did go better than last week.  On Thursday (the 6th), I read for someone I didn't know well and while the information I received was not all relevant but I did learn from it.  On Sunday, I did a relationship reading even though it was not part of our assigned homework or something we had covered in class.  I did this reading for myself and the reason I did was because I thought I needed to.  I'd had a pretty serious conversation with my partner of ten years earlier that day on issues we'd been having.  (I've also had three dreams on the same problem with each dream becaoming progressively more emotional so I'm realizing that it's time to sort things out).

So I did a reading on Sunday and in this reading I clearly saw a pink and purple heart.  The top third of the heart was made from highly polished amethyst while the lower, and larger, part was made of rose quartz.  Adding the colors and stones to my symbol journal I got the clear impression that the message of my reading was that love (rose quartz) is the foundation for spiritual evolution (amethyst) and that I should keep in mind how fundamental my relationship is to my own spiritual and emotional well-being.  This may not sound particularly deep but for me it was the perfect information at the perfect time.  And the more I thought about the colors and gemstones involved the more insight I received.

Calling into class on Tuesday, I was surprised to find that we were learning about and practicing relationship readings that day.    I also found it interesting that a few of us, had experienced relationship issues earlier in the week - on the same day (Sunday).  And I think that this in itself says a lot about this class and how closely connected it is to spirit.

So this week's homework is on  relationship readings and I am doing them with a lot of emphasis on healing which is something Debra always stresses and one of the things I absolutely love about the course.  I am, first and foremost, a writer / spiritual seeker and I don't know if I will ever work as professional clairvoyant.  What makes this class worth it for me, however, is how much I'm learning about visualization and energy healing and meditation and, of course, clairvoyance! 

How wonderfully all of this combines with my current with manifestation and the law of attraction!

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