Remote Viewing on Malaysian Flight 370: Clairvoyance Class

March 19, 2014

This week in my International School of Clairvoyance Clairvoyance One class we worked on remote viewing which is a very important aspect of clairvoyant reading.  

I was very interested in this because it is something I have never tried before.  Our instructor Debra Katz (our instructor and the director of the school) chose the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 as our target.

We had been assigned this target as homework and I had already received two images regarding this event prior to class. They came on two separate occasions on March 11.

Here is my class write-up: 
"I only got a couple of flashes.  The first was the plane going down into the water.  It hit nose first and there was huge rush of water around it and into the cabin.  The second which might not really jive with the first was of the event before the plane went down.  In this I saw an explosion.   The burst of fire was behind the cabin (where the pilots sit) of the plane and bursting in to it but I don't really know how big or localized the explosion was.  I do feel the plane is in deep water but I inadvertently heard speculation on that on CNN after I had gotten the first two images -  still I did get an image later on of the plane in murky greenish water - similar to what you see in underwater filming."
Working on remote viewing in class was a very helpful experience and I was able to get more detail this way.  Debra asked us to look at location and then work inland.  In class on March 18th, my initial impression was of a large expanse of water.  When Debra asked us to work in I received a specific impression of a coastline, with high steep mountains surrounding it.  The mountain were covered with vegetation.  

Debra asked us to draw what we were seeing.  My sketch of the land mass I saw as nearest the location of the plane follows.  It shows a west facing coastline.  

Please note that while I tried to avoid media speculation as much as possible during this period I wasn't able to dodge it completely.  I also heard quite a bit of opinion and impressions from friends, though this mostly disagreed with what I was seeing.

The following sketch shows the info I received when Debra asked us to view the population and leader of the country.  I tried to continue to view further and further out until I encountered people and saw the population and leader as Asian.

While the topic of this exercise is somber, I did enjoy doing this and very much appreciated Debra's expertise with this activity.  I feel I am getting such a wonderful and well rounded experience from this course and could not be enjoying it more!

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