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What is the easiest way to recreate yourself?

Online of course.  Sometimes this doesn't mean much in a real-time lifestyle sort of way and sometimes it does.  Sometimes our online persona bleeds through to our everyday reality. Sometimes it is even a starting point of sorts.

Case in point?  This blog.

I began this blog in 2010 following a series of spiritual events that did not quite fit in with my everyday experience. All of that began, as so many things do, with a dream. 

This dream was no ordinary dream.  It was complex and vivid and remarkably coherent.  It was also indescribably, overwhelming and unforgettably beautiful! Waking up from that dream I knew that something important had happened but it would take time for me to understand just what that something was.

When my everyday experience began to echo the events of the dream, however, the pieces began to fall into place and my spiritual journey began to gather momentum.

I was, and to some degree still am, alone on that path.  And if there is any one reason why I started this blog - that was it.  I wasn't happy in world where no one understood my journey, so I decided to share what I was learning here - and I kept sharing, week in and week out, right up to the present day. Doing that changed me and at certain points it was necessary for the blog to change, too.  

The first big change came in year two when I decided that the original name of the blog, The Mystic Review, was too esoteric (for want of a better word). The next even bigger change came in year four when I decided that name number two (The New Age Review) was more New Age then I was.  These changes were more than semantics.  They reflected huge personal psycho-spiritual changes in my life as well.  

A few weeks ago I renamed the blog, Mystical Living, because I liked the word mystical and because I had reached a point where I was no longer simply studying and reviewing metaphysical material. I had reached a point where I was beginning to live it.  Or trying to live it.  And I thought that my success (and failures) in that regard might be of interest to others as well.

I am not an expert on creating a mystical  life anymore than I was an expert on the mystic, then New Age, resources I used to review.  And I do still study and will still be reviewing spiritual material from time to time.  But things have changed for me.  And I want to bring some of the magic I have discovered through unending grace of spirit into my everyday experience and I know that sharing my experience here will help.  

And so by changing my blog, I change myself, and as I do that ripple spreads outward.

Winter is here and I intend to make the most of it - but in some ways that is a challenge for.  And so I wrote my 7 Steps to a Better Winter post because these are the steps I need to incorporate into my own experience just as much (if not more) than any of you.

For the last week, I have worked hard on doing that through the first three steps and I think I've done okay.  I am studying (as always) and the blog does not look half bad - in my opinion.  Now to spend the rest of the weekend on steps four through seven.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Wishing everyone a truly enchanted weekend.  From my world, to yours!

To read about the dream that changed everything for me please see "Dreams the Wandering Soul!"

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