"Afterlife:" A Fascinating Documentary on Near Death Experience (Video)

April 7, 2014

Watch the trailer for the fascinating documentary "Afterlife" featuring the work of Raymond Moody and Jeffrey Long below. The documentary not only features inspiring interviews with individuals who have personally experienced NDE but clearly presents the common characteristics of the Near Death Experience.
These characteristics as noted by Dr. Moody are:

  1. An overwhelming feeling of peace and well-being, including freedom from pain.
  2. The impression of being located outside one's physical body.
  3. Floating or drifting through darkness, sometimes described as a tunnel.
  4. Becoming aware of a radiant golden light.
  5. Encountering and sometimes communicating with a "being of light".
  6. Having a life review or rapid succession of visual images of one's past.
  7. Experiencing another world of incredible beauty.
Dr. Long presents nine characteristics of NDE in his wonderful book "Evidence of the Afterlife" which I am currently reading and recommend to anyone interested in learning more about the hard evidence for NDE. His study results and incredible NDE database are also available at his informative and very comprehensive website: nderf.org.

This documentary is available on to watch instantly on Netflix!

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