Creating Sanctuary: Bringing the Light Indoors

January 10, 2015

There is no getting around it - here in the northeast, winter is our darkest season. The days are short and the nights are long and our precious daylight hours are often dimmed by overcast skies or falling snow.

This is why cultures all around the world choose the midpoint of the season to remember and celebrate the light.  We're drawn to these celebrations because there is something about the light shining in the darkness that speaks to us deep within our soul.

Now, for most of us, our seasonal celebrations are drawing to close.  And it's not unusual to feel a drop in energy (and optimism) when this time comes.

This week, as I put away my decorations, I'm opening my curtains, burning my holiday candles and thinking of new and different ways of honoring the light. And it occurs to me that a hearth fire would be the perfect thing.  I don't have a fireplace in this house but I do have an idea.

When my son and I built the shelves in the living room we left a place for a TV.  Over time however we realized that having a TV in the den was enough for us and that listening to music is a better living room activity.  So we moved the TV out.

I tried to fill the space with a few crystals and candles but it didn't really work.  So my idea is to make this spot my "hearth" creating a focal point of light and warmth that will reflect the energy of fire into my interior space.

I'll be doing this with a large mirror (donated by my son) and all the candles I can find.  A bit of green would be nice, too.

Hopefully I'll have pics of  my new honoring the light "hearth" by the end of the weekend - so please do check back.  Until then, remember that, just like the moon flower, the seeds of summer have taken root and will soon began to bloom  <3

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