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Everyone loves a cozy winter night gathered around the fireplace or bundled up in an afghan in the warm glow of candle or Christmas lights.  Warmth is comfort at this time of year and many of us take extra steps to keep out the cold by weatherizing doors and windows.

When it comes to our heating bills these steps make sense.  But there is a flip side to creating barriers against the season.  Weather tight homes don't "breath" leading to stale indoor energy and that familiar closed in feeling called cabin fever.

This winter I'm working hard to break up stale energy and open the channels that allow environmental energies to flow by clearing, cleaning and organizing my space. 

In the days leading up to New Year's Eve, I worked hard on my bedroom and kitchen.  When I was done with the bedroom, I hung the wind chime (left) from the inside corner of my bed to help move and clear any stagnant energies - and honor the element of air.

Wind chimes are a classic Feng Shui fix and they really do work.  Another thing I love, whenever I turn over in bed I hear a delicate tinkling chime!

I do have more to do but I feel that I'm off to a good start for 2015.  Now to work on my resolutions :)

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