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Is there a difference between an OBE (Out of Body Experience) and a dream?

Yes and no.  

Not all dream experience occurs in an out of body state and not all OBEs happen when we're asleep. But there is a great deal of overlap.  

Dream State OBEs

Much of our sleep experience IS out of body. While a few of these experiences are filled with breaking light and cosmic revelations, most take place in the lower energetic or astral realms. At this level, reality appears murky and events may seem confusing or disjointed - but we are still out of body. 

While in the astral, we can, and often do, receive visitations from passed friends and family or higher energetic guides. Our guides and some passed loved ones may even choose to lead us to and from the higher dimensions. Such journeys can be profound, life altering experiences (as in my experience in the Spirit Dream).

If we achieve lucidity in the dream state, we can independently use the astral plane as a point of departure for further out of body exploration. We may also stumble into higher realities in a non-lucid state (often involving lecture halls or libraries) or chance across embedded messages from the higher dimensions in the form of symbols or signs.

OBEs in Meditation

OBEs can also occur during meditation (or in the hypnogogic state immediately before sleep). In my own experience of this sort of OBE, it feels as if my consciousness is traveling, or flying, over great expanses of shining water, providing glimpses of other realms and beings. To me, these journeys are something between remote viewing and a true out of body state. By this I mean that, while I feel my consciousness has projected, I don't think that a full energetic body-spirit separation is achieved.

Because my early OBEs (from childhood onward) occurred during dreams, I didn't realize I had been experiencing alternate dimension until 2010 when I read "Journey of Souls" by Michael Newton. And it would take several more years for me to experience astral projection in meditation and the hypnogogic state.

Full Split OBEs

In 2015 I was given the opportunity to study with (and interview) astral projectionist and teacher Robert Bruce.  It was then (using the Hemi-Sync recording developed by OBE great Robert Monroe) that I achieved my first partial body-spirit split (as described here).  This experience was a revelation because it showed me that the complete separation of our physical and energetic bodies really CAN be achieved. 

Unfortunately, I lacked the discipline necessary to go further - at that time. Now, thanks to the encouragement of a good friend (who shares my interest), I've decided that I'm going to begin to work with out of body states and lucid dreams again in earnest! 

Upcoming OBE Series

Over the next few months I'll be blogging on my OBE learning and experience.  I'm planning to explore a combination of methods, including those of Robert Bruce, Stephen LaBerge and William Buhlman.  I think that this series, my friend's support and the focus of our local meetup group will help keep me on track.

For me this is important work.  It is, after all, how I was originally introduced to my guides (as shared in my upcoming book Messages from the Star People) so I know first-hand how valuable the out of body experience can be!

To read my upcoming OBE series please check back!

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