Different Kinds of Out-of-Body Experience

June 21, 2013

Is there a difference between an OBE (out-of-body Experience) and a dream?

Yes and no.  

Not all dream experience occurs in an out of body state and not all OBEs happen when we're asleep. But they can overlap.  In my opinion.

Dream State OBEs

I believe that dreams can take us out of body. While some of my own suspected dream OBEs have been profound, others have been dark and unpleasant. 

Dreams of flying may be out of body experience. When I was a child I dreamt of flying so often that I developed my own technique (a little like the way a dolphin swims) for controlling my speed, altitude and direction.

OBEs in Meditation

Possible OBEs can also occur during meditation (or in the hypnogogic state immediately before sleep). When this happens to me I feel as my consciousness is traveling, or flying, over great expanses of shining water. 

To me, these journeys are something between spiritual experience and a true out of body state. By this I mean that, while I feel part of my consciousness may have projected, I don't think that a full energetic body-spirit separation is achieved.

Full Split OBEs

In 2015 I was given the opportunity to study with (and interview) astral projectionist and teacher Robert Bruce.  It was then (using the Hemi-Sync recording developed by OBE adept Robert Monroe) that I achieved my first partial body-spirit split (as described here).  

This experience was a revelation because it convinced me that the complete separation of our physical and energetic bodies really CAN be achieved. 

Unfortunately, I lacked the discipline necessary to go further - at that time. Now, thanks to the encouragement of a good friend (who shares my interest), I've decided that I'm going to begin to work with out of body states and lucid dreams again! 

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