One Year Anniversary of the Mystic Review

August 22, 2011

I started The Mystic Review 365 days (and 160 posts) ago on August 22nd, 2011 - the morning my 53rd birthday. The night before was a restless introspective night. At 2 AM I found myself still awake with no sense of winding down or tiring.

Looking for a diversion, I switched on the TV, and surfed the channels until I stopped at a public access TV program featuring Eckhart Tolle. I had never heard him.

I was, I think, quite possibly the only person in the entire US who had not. Surprising perhaps because spirituality was always such an important part of my life. I was never particularly attracted to 'New Age' however and that made Tolle new news to me that night.

I  had an religious affiliation but it wasn't really working.  I had decided that maybe I should just give up on spirituality altogether - that it just might not be for me. But I was wrong and in that moment, hearing Tolle talk, I knew I was wrong.

My curiosity, the great saving grace of my life to date, was sparked. I wanted to know more. I felt a new cycle starting and the promise of new things on the horizon. I wanted to explore again and it seemed that it might be helpful to me, on a personal level, to keep track of what I found.

My track history with journals is rarely good and I have always had problems with consistency across the board of my life experience.  So it occurred to me that a commitment to share what I was learning with others through blogging might keep me on track. And so it has. I have covered a lot ground over the last year and taken some interesting turns. Best of all, I find my passion for what I am learning is growing rather than waning.

Have I progressed in spiritually since that sleepless night which seems so long ago? I'm not sure. My belief system has expanded but  I have a long way to go, however, in terms of establishing a consistent spiritual practice. I have learned a thing or two, yes. But I am also acutely conscious of how much more there is to discover. And that's a good thing.

I am so looking forward to year two. And from the bottom of my heart, thank you, dear reader, for being there to share it!


  1. Hi Barb!! Congratulations on your one year anniversary!!! Great site. Wish you all the best


  2. Thank you, Tara. And thank you for your great ideas and wonderful feedback. You were the inspiration for so many posts!


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