New Jersey UFO Seminar: Featuring Abduction Survivor Travis Walton

November 18, 2011

This weekend I attended the UFO & ET Congress which is held semi-annually at a modest venue in Bordentown, New Jersey. The featured speaker was Travis Walton, the Arizona logger taken aboard an alien space craft November 5, 1975 and held for five harrowing days while a massive search was organized below.

Walton's ordeal was dramatized in the 1993 movie "Fire in the Sky" which was based on Walton's own book, "The Walton Experience" (1978). The book was republished in 1997 in an expanded format under the title of "Fire in the Sky: The Walton Experience" and is available on Amazon, as well as through Walton's website.

The Walton case is notable among abduction reports insofar as the saucer shaped alien craft reported to have taken Walton was clearly seen by six of Walton's coworkers. According to all reports, a beam of blue-green energy emanated from the craft and struck Walton as the ship was apparently powering up for take off. Believing Walton to be dead, the loggers left the scene in the hope of getting help or weapons. When they returned, Walton and the craft were gone.

In his presentation, Walton expressed the belief that he was essentially struck by accident during the powering up process. In the years since the incident, he stated that he had come to believe that he was taken aboard the craft because he was in need of medical attention. In response to questioning about the intent of ship's crew, Walton referred to the incident as an "ambulance call."

Walton corrected discrepancies between the film and the actual events of the case. Red herrings shown in the film, such as a UFO magazine on the seat of the logging truck and Walton's coworkers agreeing to "stick to the story" prior to meeting with law enforcement were dramatic devices intended to increase suspense. During the presentation, Walton was careful to set the record state on the actions of his fellow loggers who quite understandably felt themselves in no position to engage the alien spaceship unarmed.

While Walton may have been unconscious or sedated during much of the time he spent aboard the craft, the events he did recall and share were detailed and convincing and he was able to provide artist's renderings of the alien crew. More info may be available as well in Walton's book which is high on my reading list.

Overall, I found Walton's presentation to be a credible and articulate account of a truly amazing experience. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to hear him!

You can learn more about Walton, his experience and subsequent investigations in his book Fire in the Sky: The Walton Experience or through his website at

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