Before Pictures: My New House

April 23, 2012

Front Hall View of Street (Glass Door Knob Since Found At Auction Allowing Us to Open Door)
Looking Down the Front Steps (Nice Old Stained Glass Window Above Out of Sight)
Front Steps Awaiting Intensive Scraping

Badly Damaged Oak Flooring in Living Room
Odd Wall in Living Room and Rear View of My Pup
2nd Floor Previous Apt. Kitchen Partially Removed by Previous Owner (Note Woods Behind House)
The Pink Room: My Future Bedroom
Remainder of Upstairs Hall, Weird Framing and 3 Sided Bedroom On Right
2nd Floor Bath with Cracked Marble Floor (Not Used in Years). View of Back Yard.
Kitchen Ceiling Below Said Bath
Mismatched Doors to First Floor Bath and Back Staircase (Note Cool Old Tile)
Odd Assortment of Cabinets
Pantry and View of Back Yard (Note Cool Old Archway from Kitchen)


  1. Spaces painted with white can look more spacious, Barbara. And white can have a calming, soothing effect on a person. :) Oh, by the way, glass doors are pretty eye-catching for burglars so be careful. I know it was found at the auction, but do you plan on replacing it?

  2. The house is so spacious. It even has two floors! It’s going to look great after some renovation and fixing! The pink room will make a cute and adorable bedroom. Anyway, congratulations on your new place! :)

  3. Thank you Evelyn. I agree that white is soothing. I am going to be using a lot of white in my new bedroom. Also agree with you on the doors. We probably will keep it but apply a break-proof coating - something my BF heard of but I can't remember the name. Thanks for your suggestions!

  4. Thank you Mica! I appreciate the encouragement and well wishes so much. I will definitely post some after pics, once we get to that point!

  5. This house is a builder’s and interior designer’s dream! Years of not having been used has done quite a number on this house, but it’s looking big and spacious, so there’s a lot of potential for a makeover that will leave it unrecognizable. I think I would start with repainting. I’d redo all the white to keep it clean and modern. I’d also change a lot of the floors, and probably lay down wood planks. The stairs’ balusters can use some design updating as well.

  6. Thank you Darryl <3 I appreciate the suggestions and the encouragement! There is a lot to be done but a lot has been accomplished too since these pictures posted. Lots of painting, wall shelves, stripping of woodwork and wall paper and a complete overhaul of the upstairs bedrooms and hallway. Kitchen and upstairs bath are unfortunately still pretty much as is but I hope to have some 'after' shots in a couple of weeks.

  7. Wow! That place really needs repairs. Its all messy and whatnot. The marble needs changing, and the ceiling too. You might even have termites. It looks like you have a lot of your hands, but don’t worry, once its all set up you will be happy with how it turns out. I’m just glad that it would still be livable, and it does look spacious. I hope you will enjoy living in that house once its all fixed up and congratulations as well.

  8. Thanks Ofelia! No termites, thankfully, but we did feel the need to test for them in the inspection. The marble and ceiling are now out, old wallpaper is gone, walls are replaced in two rooms and some of the woodwork is finished. Still a ways to go however. Will be really happy when I can post the after shots! Thank you for your well wishes :)

  9. The cabinets may look odd to you, but to me, they're not! They even look cute, Barbara! The even carry a very unique style, foregoing the fact that yellow is my favorite color. Did you know that the color yellow represents joy and happiness?

  10. Thank you for your comments and encouragement
    Katie! I agree that yellow is a lovely optimistic color. And we can never have too much joy <3


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