Happy Birthday to Us!!! The Blog Turns 2 (I am a bit older)

August 22, 2012

Today is my 55th birthday and the 2nd year anniversary of the blog.  And it has been a good ride on both counts.

Somewhat surprisingly, for a girl once accused of vanity, I am okay with growing up.  Several years ago, a wonderful friend predicted that an early retirement would give me the opportunity to do all the things that I loved.  

And while a fair amount of belt tightening has been required, that has indeed been the case.  For this, I am  incredibly grateful. 

My plans for the blog are ongoing.  I will be continuing to review metaphysical books, websites, publications and other media on a weekly basis throughout year.

My plans for the year in a general sense are varied.  I will be wrapping up work on my new (old) house and finally moving into it this fall after six long months of intensive remodeling.  I will have an office there (that is not in my bedroom) and living room where music and books will not be eclipsed by sitcoms and reality TV.  I will also have room for a larger garden and the opportunity to explore urban (semi) self-sufficiency.  

I think that it's going to be great year for both The Mystic Review and myself!  In this, my 333rd post, I want to sincerely thank you to everyone who has followed our progress so far.  Your interest and support has been instrumental in keeping us on task!

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