Astral Projection Update: Problems with Awareness

September 5, 2014

I'm currently taking a fascinating course on Astral Projection (Astral Projection Practical Intensive) and wanted to share a bit on my progress.  We are currently in Session 3 and, while I have not projected as of yet, I do feel I'm progressing. 

The course is given by OBE expert Robert Bruce.  It utilizes Robert ebook (free on his site at as well as the Hemi-Sync astral projection meditation CDs/MP3s produced by Robert Monroe.  Each session begins with several videos, as well as some text and recommended reading on the new material, and assigns a new and very specific level of astral practice.

All practices include daily energy work followed by the Hemi-Sync Meditation.  I am now using the second (or condition A) MP3 meditation and have been having some interesting experiences.  These include lots of tingling sensations, occasional feelings of expansion, and a few visions.  The visions have been interesting because they have been consistent.  I have seen archways, tunnels, roads, paths and a kind of moving tunnel where it appeared that I was rocketing through space with energy streaming by on either side.

My current challenge is that I'm going very deep in trance with the meditations and losing my awareness at times - though I don't really feel like I'm falling asleep. Yesterday I lost awareness and then became aware of being around people - which made me feel that I was dreaming.  In the dream, I was yelling "I want to fly" over and over. :) I did used to fly in dreams but haven't done so for some time.  Seems I might have missed it.

I feel very alert when I come back from these episodes of lost awareness (or checking / clicking out), not sleepy at all.  What worried me was the memory loss. I was concerned that I might be missing actual OBE activity or rather failing to remember it.  Robert believes we all astral project in dreams (for more on Robert's teachings please check out his interview on this topic here Astral Projection with Robert Bruce - affiliate link) and that the real challenge is to remember it.  

One of the great things about this course (and all the Glide Wing courses) is the forum component.  In it the instructor responds to questions on the material.  In a course like this is incredibly helpful.  Because of my concerns, I posted my problem with awareness  in the forum.

Robert got back to me immediately.  He said that these were good signs and that success should not be too far away.  He also recommended several things which I'm going to put into effect today.  They include:
  1. Increasing my slight discomfort level by using a hard backed chair against the wall with a small pillow to support my neck (and small footstool if needed).
  2. Restarting the CD if I do check / click out and repeating the  meditation.
  3. Getting adequate sleep.
  4. Continuing my practice daily.
Robert also has been encouraging me to utilize daily affirmations which he believes in whole-heatedly (more on that in the interview).  This isn't hard because I really do believe that I will successfully project provided I stick with it.  

I am getting so much out of this course!  I am also thrilled that when it ends I can be part of Robert's free community (Astral Dynamics Forum) and receive the support of others.  There is even a new special area for graduates of the course which I am really looking forward to joining!

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