Church Tour Week Three: 2nd Presbyterian Church of Pittston

December 11, 2017

2nd Presbyterian Church of Pittston
On the third week of the Church Tour I went to the 2nd Presbyterian Church of Pittston which is a short drive from my house.

This church is older than my last two stops with an almost colonial feel.  This week, the sun was finally appropriately shining and all of the stained glass windows were brimming with color.  

Everyone seemed happy to be there and happy to be with each other.  There weren't a lot of people but their good cheer filled the space.

At least half a dozen of them said hello to me like they were really glad I was there.  One even gave me a gift.  A small wooden cross that I know I will keep.  It struck me as potentially meaningful that I was baptized 60 years ago last August in a Presbyterian church two states away.  

The service was simple but meaningful.  I was told that if I came back next Sunday there would be communion.  This may be it, I thought.  But three churches just didn't feel like enough.

In summary, the 2nd Presbyterian Church of Pittston boasts a beautiful space and a warm and welcoming congregation.  To me, this kind of welcome embodies the true spirit of Christianity which is at its heart a religion open and accessible to everyone. 

I think that the 2nd Presbyterian Church would be a good choice for anyone looking for a heart centered Christian community.  Members meet regularly for breakfasts and dinners and the church is active in outreach and ministry.

About the Presbyterian Church:  Presbyterians trace their history to the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century. The Presbyterian heritage, and much of its theology, began with the Swiss/French theologian and lawyer John Calvin (1509–64), whose writings solidified much of the Reformed thinking that came before him.  The Presbyterian church I attended has a website which is currently in progress so I can't give a lot of background on this particular congregation.

2nd Presbyterian Church of Pittston

UPDATE 2024: I eventually made it back to my Catholic faith. The post that tells that story is here: The Long Way Home.

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