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February 24, 2024

The History of My Channel 

I started the MysticReview YouTube channel in 2011, just a few months after I started this blog. I posted a couple of videos shortly after starting the channel and then lost access.

I tried to get the channel back several times over the years and finally decided it was gone for good. 

Then, earlier this year, I started blogging as the Mystic Review again. So I decided to try to get the channel back one last time. I asked myself, what was my very oldest gmail? And this time, I got it right.

I recovered my original Google account and regained access to the channel. To me, this seemed like a good sign and I'm excited about doing videos again. 

The video above is my intro to the channel. I’m a little ghostly in it, thanks to turning my ring light on too high, but the next one will be better. Also I mentioned a shared NDE in the video. My experience was actually not necessarily that, but I'll talk about it more in an upcoming video or podcast.

I also post all of the same content to my podcast The Mystic Review, which is available on most popular podcast apps!

What’s Up Next on the Channel

One of the reasons I wanted to access the YouTube channel (after returning to the Church) was to take down the card reading video I'd posted way back when. But now that I can take it down, I've decided I don't want to.

I will NOT be returning to tarot. But there are a couple of points I'd like to make about divination (using my old card reading video as an example) in a future post.

The main point of this post is that it all worked out. And I’m planning future videos on books, courses, events and media on topics like dreams, altered states, psychic phenomena and the paranormal. 

I may talk about faith from time to time (both in the blog and on the channel) but it isn't going to be my primary focus. Having said that, I will be staying within the parameters of Catholicism proper.

If any the topics mentioned interest you please subscribe to the channel!

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