About This Blog

I started the Mystic Review in 2010 to help make sense of a very unusual dream and share the spiritual journey that followed. I blogged on a range of topics, including New Age spirituality, mediumship, occultism, and tarot card reading. I explored these topics in the real world, as.well.

The Mystic Review was an active, multimedia blog. I blogged twice a week, week in and week out, and the site became popular over time. I loved blogging, and my metaphysical interests. After about seven years, however, I started to question some of the spirit communication I was receiving.  

In late 2017, I began to re-explore Christianity. For a time I was involved in Evangelical Protestantism. In 2018, largely due to that influence, I unpublished the blog. I wrote Christian articles during this period on various blogs. I didn't delete the Mystic Review or give up the domain, but the site was no longer online.

In 2020, after a life-changing trip to Israel, I returned to my Catholic faith and came back to this platform. I wrote a few Catholic posts and began to think about the relationship between Catholicism and my old interests.

In 2022, I typed up my written testimony which got me thinking about what the Church really teaches. In 2023, I began listening to Catholic apologist Jimmy Aikin’s Mysterious World podcast and realized that some of my old interests were actually quite compatible with the Faith.

I felt it was time to return to the old MysticReview.com domain.

I republished some of my old posts and began to write new content. Current topics include dreams, the paranormal, psychic phenomena, and more. New articles post two or three times a month on average.

For me, coming back to the Mystic Review was like renewing an old friendship!


  • You can read the story of how I returned to the Faith here: The Long Way Home
  • Please note: Catholicism is my religious tradition, so you will see it referenced in dream interpretation and elsewhere on the blog. I will also reference a few traditions I have read about (such as Native American and Celtic). While I respect many other traditions, I just don't know enough about them to do them justice.
  • Please also note: Not all of my old content has been, or will be, republished. I was a professional card reader for many years, attended a Spiritualist circle for almost two years and was briefly involved with witchcraft. I wrote at length about all of those things, but those interests don't really reflect who I am now, so I've decided to leave those posts unpublished.
  • I keep a second blog about autism and writing that is now set to public. If you want to read that blog, you can find it at WritingOnTheSpectrum.com