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Like many people, I have a fascination with psychic phenomena.

It began in childhood and paralleled a general obsession with spirit in all of its forms.  I was then, and still am, a good guesser (once accused of cheating after acing a test on a book I had not read) though I never considered myself psychic.

There were, however, certain things I could not quite explain.  From an early age, I was able to strongly identify the energy, or life force, of a person or a place, sense and sometimes hear paranormal activity, as well as clearly sense and identify the energy of those who'd passed.

On several occasions over the course of my life I experienced vivid and unusual phenomena in meditation, in dreams and while on the edge of sleep. These included seeing and sometimes communicating with passed loved ones, spiritual teachers and energetic beings.  In my dream diary I continue to record spiritual instruction received during sleep.  And I have recently begun to recognize auras.

Be that as it may, I have never considered myself psychic in the way that many others are.  I am not, for example, comfortable with highly predictive card readings and my intuition, while strong, is a guidance system and not necessarily a solution.

Tonight, however, my friend Shirley Chase and I are doing an episode on psychic development on my show, The New Age Review Radio Show.  Shirley has taken several classes with big guns like Doreen Virtue, Colette Baron-Reid, Lisa Williams and John Holland and has some valuable information to share.

In contrast, aside from my own personal study, I have no formal training in psychic development whatsoever  Feeling ill-prepared for the show, I came online this morning to research the topic.  In doing so, I found an interesting little self-test at a site called

Now I know nothing about Psychic Courses but I do have to say that I did like their test.  I took the test twice.  Mostly because I was surprised to see a score of 10 in mediumship the first time around.  I found this score interesting.  Equally interesting - the way the test results was divided which assessed abilities in the following categories:

Telepathy     0-3 Poor  4-6 Good  7-10 Excellent       (My Score: 8) 
Clairvoyance    0-3 Average  4-5 Good  6+ Exceptional      (My Score: 8)
Psychokinesis 0-5 Average  6-8 Good   9+ Amazing           (My Score: 6)
Precognition 0-3 Poor  4-7 Good  8-10 Excellent       (My Score: 7)
Mediumship 0-3 Poor  4-7 Very Good  8-10 Talented        (My Score: 10, then 9)

To me, this explained a great deal.  I have read about the claires and about how everyone is psychic in different ways and while I don't disagree with this, I do know that my experiences have crossed all of the sensory lines.  I have seen, heard, felt, known and even, on a few occasions, smelled spiritual energy.  I cannot however, tell someone what kind of car their future husband will drive, hear thoughts, bend spoons or confidently identify the correct action to take in all situations.

The idea of psychic abilities being divided into the categories listed above makes a lot of sense to me, however.  So much so that I would like to include the definitions provided on the site here.

Telepathy - the ability to read or pick up on the thoughts of another person.  It is the most common experience of psychic ability.
Clairvoyance - the ability to see images of an event or events that occurred in the past, present or future. This type of seeing occurs with an inner (not physical sight) and is associated with the third eye.  It is necessary to develop this skill in order to understand if images may be literal or symbolic.
Precognition - is the ability to see the future.  It my be experienced in a variety of ways with the most common being through feelings, brief inner glimpses, dreams and the third eye.
Psychokinesis - the ability to move objects with the power of the mind. This more unusual psychic skill has been made famous by the idea of poltergeists.
Mediumship - One who communicates with spirits is called a channeler or medium. Channeling or Mediumship is the ability to communicate with those who once lived or with spirit who have never taken a human form such as angelic beings.

As mediumship was my best category I was interested to read the following additional information provided after I had completed my test.

"Mediumship or Channeling is the communication that takes place between a spirit and a living human. There are several forms of spirit communication and a channeler does not have to be in a trance state to receive messages. However, with regard to the quality of channeled information it is reliant on the channeler rather than the spirit. This is because the information has to be passed in an energy form for interpretation from the channeler. If the channeler has not learnt the skill adequately the information can seem vague and jumbled."

I must say that based on the information given on the site, I am thinking about checking out the book written by its creator, Heidi Sawyer (Intelligent Guide to the Sixth Sense).  I will also take a look at Heidi's 6 Week Psychic Development Course, well as couple of others on HayHouse which are of interest to me.

I guess the bottom line is that there is no one size fits all approach to psychic development.  Measuring myself against a few highly precognitive friends made me feel that I was not particularly psychic when in actuality I was not honoring my own specific aptitudes.

Honoring our own abilities is empowering.  And if I hadn't done so, just this morning, I would not be considering courses for further study.  Which reminds me, how wonderfully synchronistic all of this is!

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  2. Very true Anon. Thanks for commenting!


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