Women's Circle Dreamcatcher

February 16, 2013

I made this dream catcher at the last meeting of the Sacred Circle women's group. One of our members was nice enough to show us how to do the weave. Mine is a little off but I expect the next one to be better.

Our circle is based in NE PA.  We meet two times a month. One meeting is an arts and crafts night and the second is a metaphysical study group.  The study group is a new addition and we'll be having our first study meeting this Thursday.

I am really enjoying all aspects of our group.  Not so long ago it was common for women to work together as a team.  In my grandmother's big farmhouse, for example, all the women would clear the table and do the dishes together.  One would wash and rinse.  Another would dry.  A third would put the dishes away. 

There was laughter and conversation and the work was never overwhelming because it was shared.

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