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 Tiger Lily by Rebecca Maguire
I am currently taking the Clairvoyant One course conducted by Debra Lynn Katz.  One of the thing I love about Debra's method is her emphasis on healing and creative manifestation - both of which were addressed this class.

Using Debra's technique we created a personal intention (mine was "I get direct guidance from spirit on my book and am creating the perfect book quickly and joyously.") and then read on that energy using the image of a flower.  Observing this flower (in this case a daisy) I was able to see a dark cloud surrounding the blossom, dry ground and wilting of the petals.

Debra was able to help me interpret this to mean that my environment is not as nurturing as it could be and that outside influences may be affecting me.  I also saw the drooping petals as an indicator that this goal is not getting the energy (sun/spirit as blocked by dark cloud) or sustenance (dry ground) it needs.  And this is something I need to give some thought to.

We did healing work on our intention which I found quite helpful and then called our energy back out of our flowers.  Interestingly this was when my flower changed the most - turning into some sort of beautiful exotic red lily (a bit like a Tiger Lily).  Debra called this process "calling the need" out.

Using the example of a book (as she did several times when talking to me - even though I had not shared my intention :)  Debra suggested that taking the pressure off our creative process can be liberating.  Even as she said these word I felt lighter and it occurs to me that this class has become to about more than improving my psychic abilities.  It is a true path to healing.

We have two assignments this week.  One is a remote viewing exercise, the other is to do the exercise above with another goal.  Mine is one of spiritual healing.

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