Interview with David Bohm: Wholeness & the Indivisible Universe (Video)

December 17, 2012

I love Bohm even when he is talking over my head :) Fortunately, however, he is usually quite good at explaining complex material (a skill no doubt honed by a lifetime spent as the smartest guy in almost every room).  In this interview he makes many subtle and to my mind important points about science and wholeness.

I found Bohm's comments on electrons particularly significant. It seems that they divide (not individually but as a group) and then reform much in the same way a ballet dance diverges and reforms.  This opposes the notion that everything is moving in a essentially unordered pattern - like a crowd of people, each with their own agenda and, in a greater sense, many accepted beliefs of mainstream science.

This notion of choreography is apparently integral to the idea of wholeness and not dissimilar to Sheldrake's idea of biomorphic fields.  From wholeness and harmony - indivisibility and unification.  An idea that not only ventures in the realm of spirit but correlates with what I understand of Bohm's thoughts on the problem of fragmentation - a condition which bothered him in terms of the modern approach to science.

Bohm's vocabulary, like his science, is precise.  Fragmentation, he says elsewhere, means not to take but to break apart.  It is not an orderly division into parts but rather a state of disorder.  Not a good approach to understanding or reason!

I will attempt a short article on Sheldrake and the biomorphic field in an upcoming post.

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