Ghost Energy and the Relative Power of Paranormal Activity

November 13, 2012

We are currently in the process of selling a house.  I haven't lived there for several years but a good friend of mine still does, renting the upstairs apartment where she both resides and reads Tarot for a steady stream of clients.  In her apartment the energy is vibrant and bright.  Downstairs, particularly in the basement, the house has a completely different feel.

I experienced a range of paranormal events on the first floor of that house.  Some were light and others were dark and in some ways it was the dark events that were most valuable as those experiences taught me that  spirit is not necessarily all heavenly choirs and sunbeams but instead a continuum from darkness to light.

My last experience in the house was telling.  It occurred shortly after we had accepted an offer from a buyer and entered into a contract.  The pre-sale inspection had been scheduled and I visited the house on the day before the inspection to tie up loose ends.  Walking down into the cellar  I saw that we had a leak, a bad one, coming from one of the big old iron drain pipes leading out of the house.

This was not the first thing to go wrong on the verge of a deal and I wondered if this was an indication of continued paranormal activity. I reminded myself, however, that the old iron pipe was corroded, undoubtedly weak and therefore susceptible to rupture.  We notified the buyer, called in a plumber and made the necessary repairs.

After the repairs were completed I visited the house again to take a picture for the new would-be buyer.  The moment I took the picture, the screen went white (a first time ever occurrence) and while I was able to click another picture I couldn't see it.  A hard restart was required to get the phone to function again but it was not really restored. 

From that point on the phone was glitchy and within the next several hours it became completely unusable.  I was unable to download the blurry plumbing pics I had taken initially but did eventually reclaim them.  There is nothing that I can see which is out of the usual and I can't say definitively if the pipe and the phone provided evidence of spirit or not.

My intuition however is that the event was a paranormal occurance.  This isn't really the point of the story, however, as there was nothing in the events that provides any sort of hard evidence.  What was significant to was what these events had to say about the general nature of paranormal energy.  

Certainly not all 'ghost' energy is created equal, but it does seem to share some specific characteristics or qualities.  In the same way that it is the nature of fire to be hot, dry and mutable - it is the nature of spiritual energy to be subtle, diffuse, enduring and pervasive. When this subtle energy acts upon the physical, it appears to best exert influence on matter that is already susceptible or inherently mutable—a rusty pipe for example, electronic white noise or relatively fragile electronic equipment.

I have yet to see paranormal energy act with a strong physical force—as is seen in moives. And it is my opinion at this point in time that ghost energy is usually physically subtle.

This is a good thing to keep in mind when dealing with paranormal phenomena in research or otherwise. And while this observation does not discount the paranormal or dismiss it, it is my contention that the kind of overt phenomena we see in films like Poltergeist or the Exorcist is unlikely.  

This is the main reason why I'm not afraid to investigate on my own. Some energy, like whatever is watching people (and reportedly misplacing things) in our new rental property, does have a decidedly creepy vibe. But I judge the safety of a location by human standards.

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