Creating Sanctuary: My Newly Renovated Home Office!

January 7, 2013

We began our new home search in late 2011 following the last flood evacuation I resolved to ever participate in. We did not have a lot of money - far less than any house meeting our criteria was likely to cost but we found one anyway. The downside was that it needed loads of work! We moved in in 2012 with only the bedrooms and den finished (and the downstairs bathroom in progress) and wrapped up the living room and loads of odds and ends after we had settled in. 

Delayed by other (really big) projects, we have just finished our home office and are now starting the kitchen.  As is so often the case my attention is focused on what remains to be done (front hall, upstairs bath, kitchen, and assorted bits and pieces) instead of what all we have accomplished.  So I wanted to take a moment to remember the work that has been done here. Current pics of our home office follow with a shot of the original room at the end of this post. 

Lots of sun! Everything is in place -except for my stained glass heron suncatcher.  I'll post that when I get it hung!

Ice on the window sill and a bit of the woods behind the house.

My grandfather's old glass fronted book shelf and my grandmother's rocker.  Broken auction lamp awaited repair.  The door here was salvaged.  This room like many in the house, had no door when we moved in.

More ice and if you look very closely you can see the eastern sky above the next mountain. My view of sunrise. 

Still more ice.  High ground and the patch of woods at the top of our little mountain.  Elevation: 776 feet.

My seat and the laptop on which I write these posts.  Two Ollie's Bargain Mart desk chairs.

My grandmother's rocker and the rug from my partner's family home.  This is where my meditation corner will be!

My collection of oracle cards and tarot.  Old Underwood typewriter to remind me of what I'm here to do!

Old wardrobe - picked up at the Salvation Army for $17 and refinished for office supplies.  Auction house carpet in need of vacuuming :)

Side yard and hedges and the view such as it is.  When I'm sitting down I mostly see sky.

Close up of my cards and my portable altar.
Another view of our desk.  A thirty-five .dollar steal at the local Salvation Army!
The original space - a one time 2nd floor apartment kitchen.  Chopped up for plumbing, this was the only wood floor we couldn't restore.  I installed the new floor myself.  Not easy but not impossible either!

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