My Summer in Images

August 30, 2015

Still water.

This summer was beautiful and bright and busy. In just a couple of months, I helped build a fence, planted a garden, remodeled a pantry, and took a relatively public step in the direction of my own earth-centered path.

In between those well-planned, over-sized events came a host of smaller and more spontaneous experiences - the feel of the dew on the grass, the sound of the wind coming down off the mountain, the moon lighting up the soft summer sky, the scent of fresh earth, the heat of garden, the taste of tomatoes straight off the vine - and somehow those small things ended up staying with me in a way that the big things do not.

Thesepics chronicle my summer in big ways and small.

Spaghetti squash, strawberries, tomatoes, cukes, peppers and beans fresh from our garden.
Fence phase two with our yard and garden on the other side (plus neighbors pool). Phases 3 & 4 are done too!

Pantry in progress.
Pantry now.. Hard to see in the sunlight but cabinets are a pretty  pale green.

The full summer Moon and possibly Venus.

My little dog on the way to the park.

Path alongside the lake.

A window into the woods.

A friend overhead.
Summer sunset complete with crescent Moon and Venus..

Our solstice fire doused by the rain at the end of the day!

Fence phase one (side yard) is complete!

Working the psychic fair at Inner Peace.

My new friend come to hang out.

Herb garden growing.

Our beautiful berries.

The top of the mountain behind our house.

Talking to spirit people at a country cemetery. 

Salad fresh from our garden.

The start of the herb garden.

Ready for summer!

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