The East Coast Gathering: My Weekend in Pictures

September 21, 2015

Last Weekend I attended the Order of Bard, Ovates and Druids East Coast Gathering in Milford PA and it was a lot of fun!

Damh the Bard Inspiring Me to Reclaim the Pen of Fiction!

Kristoffer Hughes  offering wonderful insights on the legacy of Iolo Morganw.

The Ritual Tent

The Scrying Center 

Make Your Own Amulet Station

Ritual Tent: Fabricated and Constructed by a Member of the Order

Ritual Area

The Path Into the Woods

Love the Idea of Stewardship!

Walking in the Woods

The Raptor Show Begins! I believe this guy is the Red-Tailed Hawk.

Close Up of an Owl

Meeting a Golden Eagle!

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