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December 6, 2022

Ransomed From Darkness  

I read Moira Noonan's account of her experience in the New Age in 2018. 

Back then it seemed like everyone who'd ever left the New Age and occult had done so in order to become a born-again Protestant. 

But Noonan had returned to the Catholic Church. Her book, Ransomed From Darkness (affiliate link), was a resource I referred to again and again. It helped me understand that I could come back to the Catholic faith I had left behind some twenty years earlier, if I chose to do so. And finally I did choose, with the help of God's providence.

So when I decided to write my testimony, I hoped that my story might play a part in someone else's return to Catholicism - the way Moira Noonan's had in mine.  

My Testimony

Unfortunately, the closer I got to finishing the book, I now called New Age To Catholic, the more reservations I had about publishing it.  Finally last month I realized why that was.

I'd set out to write a story about New Age and occult deception and where that deception had taken me.  And I'd ended up with a book that was mostly  about intelligent evil.

I'm not saying that story isn’t worth telling because maybe it is.

But it isn't my testimony.

My testimony isn't about demons or darkness or how far I fell. It's about God and God's providence and how I came back to the Catholic Church. 

So I decided to just tell that story - the God and Church story - in its shortest possible form and post it here on the blog. This doesn't mean that I won't return to the book because I think I will. I just realize that there is a lot I need to add about the faith and what it means to me.

So in the meantime the short form posted here will have to be enough.

I will continue to talk about the dangers of the New Age and occult here, and in the podcast. But, for now at least, I am setting the full length account of my experience aside.

Which leaves me space to do other things - like work on my novel and do media and make things for my Etsy shop. And, for now, that's enough.


To read my online testimony please see My Story.

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