Remembering the Saints

November 1, 2022

November 1st is All Saints Day. It is a holy day of obligation in the Catholic Church and one of my favorite feast days.  

On this All Saints Day, I went to Mass early and walked home under a gray sky, just before it rained. 

I like walking home from Mass - even though the hill can be challenging - because it gives me a chance to think about my confession, if I made one, and anything else I might want to remember. 

These are the things I want to remember from today's service:

All Saints Day gives us an opportunity to honor saints who may not be honored otherwise. 

Veneration of the saints is one of the things that sets us apart as Catholics. 

Thanks to our Catholic Faith, we are given reason to hope that we may someday be among them. 


For more on All Saints Day, please see today's SSPX Newsletter 

Screenshot of a Google image of the Chapel I attend (I hope to share a clearer pic sometime soon)

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