Sharing Your Testimony: A 4 Step Model (Podcast EP 15)

March 10, 2023

In this episode I talk about how and why you should share your testimony about coming (or returning) to the Faith. I also share the four step model St. Paul used when he shared his testimony in Acts 22 and how you can adapt that model to your own story.

Learning about St. Paul's method was timely for me because I am writing a short ebook about my experience in the New Age and occult but I believe that everyone has a story and that we should all be sharing it. Whether you share your testimony in a book, a podcast, on YouTube, with your Church or simply with a friend, I encourage you to find your voice and do it.

Witnessing about what God has done in our lives is never time wasted!

For more on spiritual warfare, modern day occultism, and the Catholic faith please follow the show!

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