The Spirit Dream: Update & Cover Reveal

December 22, 2023

About The Spirit Dream 

The Spirit Dream is FINALLY finished and is currently in beta reading!! You can see it full size in the graphic below. 

I overshot my October 31st deadline by a couple of weeks. But I did get it done.

The book is going out to beta readers ASAP and will then be edited for publication. I have a title, now, and a cover, which you can see full-size below. 

Coming Up with a Title

Picking the title was a challenge. My first choice was "Of Light and Dark."

But since the Spirit Dream was THE dream that kicked off my search for meaning and dreams figured prominently in much of what happened along the way I thought that fit. So the title is The Spirit Dream and the picture on the cover is representative of that dream. 

The book will be available on Amazon and on Etsy and on my author website in  2024 and my paranormal story should be available not long after that. I will be talking about select topics from the testimony on YouTube and on the podcast and possibly sharing some excerpts here on this site. 

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The Blurb

The Spirit Dream is the story of a very unusual dream, the spiritual search that brought me back to the Catholic faith and what I learned about dreams along the way. The Spirit Dream is a spiritual memoir that includes research and personal experience on obtaining guidance via dreams. Coming soon!

A Closer Look at the Cover

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