The Mystic Review, Take Two

January 25, 2024

When I shut down The Mystic Review in early 2018, I didn't think I'd ever come back to it. But, for some reason, I hung onto the domain. And I kept the original blogging platform, too. 

Instead of deleting my old posts, I simply unpublished them. This came in handy when I decided to write my testimony. To my mind, however, those old posts told the story of the person I used to be. Not the person I had become. 

But that wasn't entirely accurate.  

Starting and Restarting 

I started The Mystic Review in 2010 when I was struggling to make sense of a very unusual dream. The blog was a place where I could share my search for answers and I loved doing that. 

Unfortunately, the search I’d undertaken led into the New Age and floundered. Returning to my Catholic faith was another story.

Unlike the New Age, Catholicism answered all the big questions. Why are we here? Where are we going? How should we proceed?

I’m grateful for those answers and the certainty that the Faith provides.

But in writing my testimony, I realized that there were other questions in between the big ones. And I cared about those answers, too. So it made sense to come back to The Mystic Review and try again.

As of this writing the blog includes a mix of old and new(er) posts, many of which need to be updated.  So I hope you'll bear with me on that. 

The newer posts were posts I added to the platform after I returned to the Faith. I don't necessarily agree with everything said in these posts. I've unpublished some of these but probably not all.

The older posts need to be sorted. Most will remain unpublished.  Some will be updated. A few will be re-published, as is.

I hope to add new posts a few times a month. Topics will include dreams, angels, psychic phenomena, miracles, paranormal investigation, prayer, NDEs, spirits and more. Spiritual posts will reflect a Catholic perspective. But not all posts will be spiritual in nature.

I hope you will check back! 

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