My Book of Dreams?

June 30, 2022

I've been thinking about writing my testimony for some time now.  Not because I want to necessarily but because I feel that my experience of spiritual light and spiritual darkness is a story I need to tell in full.  

When it comes to the actual writing, however, I flounder.  I pray about it.  I try to write it.  I give up.  Then the cycle starts again.

Sometimes I decide it is not worth doing and step away from it entirely.  At other times I get ideas about how I might be able to make it work and start to feel like I can actually do it.  

This week was an idea week.

The idea was that I could base the testimony around the dreams have influenced me the most and how sometimes that influence is supernatural in origin. 

The idea feels right to me because dreams have played such a big role in my life.  So I decided to look at the  dreams I'd shared in this blog.  I was especially struck by A Dream About Me?

In reading that dream, two things jumped out at me.  The first was that it seemed to be about me telling my story.  The second was that it also seemed to be about how I needed to accept my authentic self, which I've been doing lately, in this blog and elsewhere, but was definitely not doing then.  

I'm not sure, to be honest, if I will ever publish this book.  But I do feel that looking at the role dreams played in my journey is worth doing.  I will be sharing some of what I learn in a future post.

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