Bishop Athanasius Schneider on the Holy Angels

February 19, 2023

The video below contains a wonderful teaching on the holy angels from one of my favorite Bishops, Bishop Athanasius Schneider! Bishop Schneider is a clear and reasoned voice among the Bishops. He has staunchly defended the Society of St. Pius the X (whose services I attend) and the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM). In this video, he speaks eloquently on the holy angels!

For more on the holy angels, check out the Order of the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross YouTube channel, visit the Opus Angelorum website, or do both :)

Beautiful Picture of Bishop Schneider at Mass
To learn more on Bishop Schneider's comments on the Society of St. Pius the X (SSPX) please click here. For more on the society please check out them out on YouTube or visit!

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