Grace or the Lack of It

July 8, 2022

Grace or the Lack of It 

I have been struggling a bit these last few weeks. It was small stuff initially. I was working long hours. I hurt my foot. I got behind with everyday things. I missed Mass. 

I started to feel very far from God and I found myself making excuses to skip Mass again this week. Then  I thought about my guardian angel and how I was letting him down. I went to Church and then to confession. And after that, I realized that my conscience was more sensitive than it had been before.

I was still making mistakes. But I was now aware of what I was doing wrong. This, I believe, was because my guardian angel was able to more easily bring those things to my awareness.

And my life improved.

What is a State of Grace

Being in a state of grace simply means that you're free of mortal sin. And, while we made need help discerning at times, the three conditions that divide minor (venial) sin from mortal sin are pretty straightforward.

Mortal sin is any act that is of a grave (serious) matter. Mortal sin is committed with full knowledge and awareness. And it is always a deliberate choice.

In other words, you know it's wrong but you do it anyway and no one is holding a gun to your head.

Missing Mass without cause is a mortal sin. And it is up to the individual to be honest about what is and isn't a just cause.

This is all stuff I already knew. And it is probably stuff you know too. But what really struck me this time around is how much closer I felt to my guardian angel once I got myself back on track.

I'll be writing more about our relationship with our guardian angels in my next post!


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